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Antique Marble Mantels: Salvaged Stone Mantels vs. Antique Stone Reproduction

There are benefits to choosing an antique reproduction over a genuine antique fireplace mantel. Atelier Jouvence has the expertise to create exquisite marble antique reproductions.

Atelier Jouvence is able to duplicate actual salvaged antique fireplaces, in either limestone or marble. Because many antique mantels were originally carved in marble, we work most often in this stone to do reproductions. Clients can show us a photo of an antique marble mantel, for example, specify the marble color they desire, and confirm the exact dimensions they need. In addition, if a patina is desired, to give the stonework an aged look, we can produce the mantel in a honed, or matte finish. We can produce a surround virtually replicating the antique, with the same high-level craftsmanship as the original, and often for considerably less cost.

By choosing to have an antique reproduced, clients can also avoid the hidden costs of adapting salvaged work to an existing site. The dimensions on an antique mantel cannot be easily adjusted, the color and veining of the stone cannot be specified, and if a piece should break in transit or during installation, it may be virtually impossible to properly repair or replace the piece. With an antique reproduction, the stonework is designed to exactly fit the site, in the color and design specified by the client. Any pieces damaged can easily be remade with an exact color match. There are therefore many reasons, cost and ease of design high among them, to consider a marble reproduction over a true antique.