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Atelier Jouvence Custom Stoneworks Delivers "Custom" look fireplaces—for Less

April 12, 2007—Chicago

Atelier Jouvence Custom Stoneworks features a complete line of affordable, hand-finished French limestone fireplaces and other fine ornamental stonework. Each product, available in standard dimensions (which allows for faster production), is crafted from top-quality French or domestic limestone in the timeless style of Old World architects and master stonecarvers.

Atelier Jouvence began as a stonecarving studio specializing in exclusive, hand-carved, custom-designed stoneworks produced by a master French carver. The same expert French craftsmanship, beautiful natural stone, and high attention to detail that Atelier Jouvence provides to its custom stonework is carried over to everything produced for its mantel designs.

Atelier Jouvence currently offers 15 designs in its stone carved fireplace and mantel collection:
The Bolection A, The Georgian, The Modern, The Bolection B , The Gothic, The Provencale, The Directoire, The Jacobean, The Regency, The Florentine, Louis XIII, The Stuart, Francois 1, Louis XV and The Tudor.

With an eye for scale and proportion, all of the stone fireplace mantels were created with the utmost respect for the traditional styles that characterize the great periods of Western architecture. Whether it’s the clean, unadorned lines of the Tudor period or the more ornate style of King Louis XV of France, Atelier Jouvence incorporates the best elements of each period to create an original design that recalls the work of Old World architects and master stone carvers.

All Atelier Jouvence fireplaces are available in top-quality French limestones, from the finest quarries in France. No composite or pre-cast material is ever used.

About Atelier Jouvence

Atelier Jouvence Custom Stoneworks works with architects, interior designers, builders, and homeowners to create custom-designed stonework in a wide array of imported and domestic natural stone- all hand-carved by master stonecarver Olivier Dumont and his team of skilled European carvers. (“Jouvence” is the street where Dumont once lived in Dijon, France; “Atelier” means “workshop.”)

Atelier Jouvence uses only the finest quality natural stone. Hand-crafted natural stone brings a strength, beauty, authenticity, and durability to the company’s products that cannot be matched by cast stone substitutes. Atelier Jouvence hand-carves customized carved-stone fireplaces, fountains, staircases, columns and capitals, kitchen range hoods, and more.

Master carver Olivier Dumont is a native of France, trained in traditional French stone carving techniques by some of Europe’s top stone carvers. Prior to coming to the U.S., Mr. Dumont worked for several years as a professional stone carver in France. He has a background in art history and interior design.

For more information about Atelier Jouvence and its Massette line of fireplaces, or to arrange a visit to the company’s showroom in Chicago’s South Loop (329 W. 18th Street, Suite 611), please call (312) 492-7922 or email