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Atelier Jouvence is Committed to the "Lost Art" of Stone carving

September 4, 2007—CHICAGO

One hundred years ago, beautiful, hand-carved stoneworks graced both public buildings and private homes throughout the United States. Since that time, stone carving has become a “lost art.” It is the aim of Atelier Jouvence to bring back the beauty and strength of hand-carved stone to homes and public spaces everywhere.

Atelier Jouvence is a full-service stone carving company that works with architects, interior designers, builders, and homeowners to create custom-designed stonework in a wide array of imported and domestic natural stone—all hand-carved by master stone carver Olivier Dumont and his team of skilled European carvers. (“Jouvence” is the street where Dumont once lived in Dijon, France; “Atelier” means “workshop.”)

Atelier Jouvence uses only the finest quality natural stone. Hand-crafted natural stone brings a strength, beauty, authenticity, and durability to the company’s products that cannot be matched by cast stone substitutes. Atelier Jouvence hand-carves customized:

  • Limestone Fireplaces and Stone Mantels
  • French Limestone Architectural elements such as capitals, columns, and window and door surrounds
  • Stone Range Hoods for Kitchens
  • Stone Stairs and Carved Stone Handrails
  • Carved Stone Fountains, urns, and other garden ornamentation
  • Ornamental details

For more information call Atelier Jouvence at (312) 492-7922 to arrange a visit to the company’s showroom in Chicago. To view a portfolio of the company’s custom stonecarving, please visit