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New online tools for selecting and specifying carved stone projects

April 18, 2008—CHICAGO

Atelier Jouvence Custom Stoneworks launches new site, to help designers, architects and homeowners find carved-stone designs and understand more about the custom stonework process.

Selecting and specifying the perfect carved-stone fireplace, mantel, kitchen range hood or any other carved stone architectural element is not an easy task. Besides the base design, there are many other aspects to consider, including the type of stone to be used, exacting measurements that must be adhered to, as well as detailed shipping and installation processes.

Chicago-based stonework design and carving company Atelier Jouvence launched a new online destination today at to help architects, designers, builders and homeowners with the intricate process of selecting and specifying these stone works of art.

Olivier Dumont, master French stone carver and Atelier Jouvence co-owner notes “We really wanted to create an online experience that would allow people to explore, learn and understand more about the art and craft of stone carving.” Dumont adds, “Additionally, we’ve made it very easy to get the details on all important aspects of specifying and selecting a stone mantel, range hood, or architectural element.”

The site allows architects, builders and designers to directly download CAD and PDF files for easy inclusion in their drawings. also details over twenty different carving stone options, from French and Domestic Limestones to Italian Marbles.

“Our success comes from working with each client to achieve exactly what they’re looking for.” explains Mr. Dumont. “Our new online tools make the process easier and more interactive for anyone interested in creating a quality carved stone piece.”

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